EMI shielding

EMI shielding braid, stretched
Application of EMI shielding braid
EMI shielding braided tube


For electro-magnetic inference (EMI) shielding Streiffband can offer innovative textile solutions by using a composite fibre consisting of an aramid core in a tinned copper casing. The composite fibres are braided into tubes which are available in three standard sizes. Thanks to their soft textile construction the tubes can be expanded up to 4 times of their diameter at taut state. This flexibility allows them to encase objects of varying sizes and forms.



- EMI shielding, particularly for the cable industry

- heat resistant up to 600° C



- Braided tubes in 3 sizes

  Standard width                minimal width                           maximal diameter

  (no tension)                     (under tension)                         (maximal expansion)

   6 mm                               5 mm                                        12 mm

  11 mm                              9 mm                                        22 mm

  17 mm                             13 mm                                       28 mm

- Composite fibre (aramid/copper/tin) as semi-finished product