Welcome to Streiffband

Welcome to the specialist for the production of high-quality narrow fabrics for technical and textile applications.


At Streiffband you will find a comprehensive standard range of tapes, belts, cords and healds which can be ordered in small quantities from our warehouse. In addition, we develop and produce numerous narrow fabrics for customer-specific requirements.


Our brand and product portfolio

Streiffand - Technische Bänder, Teppicheinfassbänder

Technical tapes, carpet edging tapes

Geralux Elastische und unelastische Bänder, Gurten und Kordeln

Loop cords for external venetian blinds

JHCO Elastic Schlaufenkordeln für Aussenraffstoren

JHCO Elastic
Elastic and non-elastic tapes, belts and cords

In Streiffband you can rely on a partner who deals with your needs and is prepared to go the extra mile for you.