Sun protection


Extraordinarily high demands are placed on products in the sun protection sector: The textile components must ensure that the shading systems function perfectly, even though they are exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions.


To ensure that tear resistance and dimensional stability are guaranteed for decades, we work with the world's best yarn producers and are constantly investing in the development of even more durable products.


With Streiffband awning tapes and Geralux loop cords, you can rely on products that meet the highest standards.


Streiffband-Markisenbändern und Geralux-Schlaufenkordeln
Streiffband-Sonnenschutzprodukte: Markisenbändern und Geralux-Schlaufenkordeln
Streiffband Sonnenschutzprodukte: Markisenbänder und Geralux-Schlaufenkordeln