Electrical insulation



Fibre-glass tapes, pure synthetic tapes or hybrid tapes made of synthetic fibres and glass fibres are an important component of insulation design in the electrical industry.


It is only the right choice of materials, of fabric design and of coating that results in an optimum energy efficiency, a reduction in electrical load and thus a prolonged service life of motors and transformers.



- Reducing electrical loads on high-voltage machines.

- Reducing or controlling corona discharges using semiconductive or conductive tapes.

- Insulating and fixing transformer and solenoid windings.

- Insulating reactor coils.



Halogen-free electrical glass tapes with starch or silane sizing

Width             5 - 60 mm

Thickness     0.10 - 0.5 mm


Hybrid or synthetic tapes

Width             5 - 60 mm

Thickness     0.10 - 4.5 mm