History of Spyk Bänder AG


1914 Born in the Netherlands, Josef van Spyk founds the sole proprietorship “Josef van Spyk Reklamebandfabrik” in Basel. The company produces so-called raffia tape from cotton threads and glue.


1916A ribbon weaving mill is added to the bast ribbon production

1919Josef van Spyk's brother Gerrit takes a share in the company, which now appears as Gebr. Van Spyk.

1923 The company moves from Basel to Herznach to the building of a disused belt factory.


1945 Founding son Jan van Spyk joins the company.

1948 In order to keep pace with the growth of the company, the company is converted into a stock corporation under the name Gebr. Van Spyk AG.


1963 The company invests in a spacious two-storey production and warehouse building, which is attached to the rear of the existing factory building.


1970 Takeover of the Basler Bandfabrik Ammann & Co. AG, whose activities are relocated to Herznach.


1980 The company supplements ribbon production with a wrapping paper trading division.

1999 Andreas Schmid and Rainer van Spyk found Spyk Holding AG and take over Gebr. Van Spyk AG from the founding son and meanwhile sole shareholder Jan van Spyk.

2001 Gebr. Van Spyk AG is renamed Spyk Bänder AG.

2004Takeover of Fuchs Bänder AG and Streiffband AG: While Fuchs Bänder AG is integrated into Spyk Bänder AG, Streiffband AG is incorporated as a sister company of Spyk Holding. Streiffband specializes in narrow textile fabrics for commercial and industrial applications.

2008 With a three-storey extension, the production and storage capacities are adapted to the new requirements.


2010 Takeover of the Happy Collection division from RTP Real Trading Power AG: Spyk transforms into a full-range supplier of gift packaging.

2014 The company celebrates its centenary.

2018 In a major fire, an employee is tragically killed and the historic administration building from the year

1872 is largely destroyed. The administration is temporarily housed in a two-story container complex on the company premises.

2019 Spyk Bänder AG takes over parts of the operations of Kawi Decor AG, Wilihof, thereby expanding its position in the Swiss market.