Textile applications

LED-Sicherheitsband in der Anwendung
Elektrisch leitendes Textilband


Streiffband produces textile tapes for the clothing, shoe, laundry and curtain industry with extreme care and passion. Besides cotton and polyester tapes available in various widths and colors from stock Streiffband produces customer-specific products in numerous material compositions.


For the innovative garment industry Streiffband offers conductive tapes (e.g. polyester/copper webbings) as well as textiles made with Litex-yarn in Y-form or in elastic finish.

Application Product description
Integration of light effects and infotainment in the clothing Conductive polyester/copper tapes
Elastic & non elastic Litex-tapes
Apron, suspension and seam tapes Cotton and polyester tapes
Furniture industry Linen tapes
Curtain industry Polyester monofilament tapes